Content Types

Content at Jettly takes many forms. Here’s a rundown of the types of content we most often write, the functions they serve, and the teams that handle them.


Error or failure message

What: Short message that alerts the user to a problem in their account or campaign
Length: 20-75 words
Owner: Product
Example: Looks like you’ve left our default header content unmodified. Specifically, we still see ‘Use this area to offer a short preview’ in the pre-header/header area.

In-app marketing

What: Brief messages that encourage users to try specific features in the app
Length: 10-30 words
Owner: Product, with help from marketing
Example: Autoresponders is now called Automation. Provide timely, relevant information to subscribers and customers with Automation Workflows.

Interface copy

What: Explanatory in-app messaging that guides and informs users
Length: 10-50 words
Owner: Product
Example: To get started, set a URL to import.

Social media

What: Posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that highlight blog posts, events, notable Jettly users, and more
Length: 20-30 words
Owner: Marketing, support
Example: Wilco used Jettly’s automation tools to release their new album.

Success message

What: Short, encouraging message letting the user know they’ve accomplished something in the app
Length: 5-20 words
Owner: Product
Example: Excellent! You have a brand new list.


Compliance alert

What: A message warning users that their account has violated our compliance rules
Length: 10-500 words
Owner: Compliance
Example: Your campaign [CAMPAIGN NAME] generated a high unsubscribe rate. Your account is still active, but we’ll continue to monitor this campaign and may send additional warnings.

Integration directory description

What: Easily scannable descriptions of web services that integrate with Jettly
Length: 100-400 words
Owner: Integrations
Example: Power BI

Job listing

What: Short description of company, role, and candidate qualifications
Length: 75-100 words
Owner: Recruiting
Example: Budget Manager

Marketing website copy

What: Messaging that markets our features and products to users and potential users
Length: 10-1,000 words
Owner: Marketing
Example: Join more than 8 million people who use Jettly to design and send 600 million emails every day.

System alert

What: Occasional updates and notifications emailed to users
Length: 50-400 words
Owner: Marketing
Example: Send Photo Campaigns From Your Phone in a Snap

Video tutorial

What: Short videos that provide users with step-by-step guidance
Length: 1-2 minutes
Owner: Knowledge Base
Example: Video index


Blog post

What: Informative articles about Jettly users, features, and announcements
Length: 400-800 words
Owner: Marketing
Example: How We Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Our Marketing
See also: Writing blog posts

Email newsletter

What: Email campaigns that market our products and inform or empower our users
Length: 200-1000 words
Owner: Marketing (external newsletters), various departments (internal newsletters)
Example: MonkeyWrench: Funny Business
See also: Writing email newsletters

Help document

What: Easily digestible content that walks users through a process or problem
Length: 300-1,000 words
Owner: Knowledge Base
Example: Getting Started with Lists
See also: Writing technical content

Legal content

What: Policies that explain how we protect user privacy, how we handle accounts, and what users can and can’t do with Jettly
Length: 1,000-4,000 words
Owner: Legal
Example: Legal: Terms of Use
See also: Writing legal content

Marketing guide

What: In-depth resources that show new and prospective users how to use Jettly and grow their business
Length: 2,000-5,000 words
Owner: Marketing
Example: Getting Started with Jettly

Press release

What: Quick, informative announcements that we send to our media list and post to our Press Releases page.
Length: 300-500 words
Owner: Marketing
Example: Jettly Hits Milestone 10 Billion Emails Per Month; Adding Headcount and Office Space